09 January 2020

Pushing Ahead "As If"

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of feeling we need “more” (of something) before we can move forward.

People who make amazing things happen aren’t smarter than you. They don’t have “more.”

They simply see what they want and act “as if” it is already their reality—as if they have the answers. And, very often, making that move becomes self-fulfilling prophesy.

I’m not suggesting careless maneuvers here; rather an exercise to get you into the mode of consistently acting on the best information and insights you have. You’ll find—often—that the “more” you were seeking comes into view with your next move. And, as long as your moves are not drastic, the chances of irreparable missteps are relatively small.

Here’s a small step you can take in a few short minutes to help you live the full vision you have for yourself and your company.